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How we exceeded our goals by managing online advertising campaigns



“AI Week” is the biggest Italian event dedicated to AI and aimed at managers, startuppers and entrepreneurs whoquella è l’intenzione want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence to understand how to adopt it in their companies.

The format was conceived by AI Spiegata Semplice (AI Explained Easily), the first community in Italy founded by Pasquale Viscanti and Giacinto Fiore, who are dedicated to popularizing topics related to machine learning technology in a simple and clear way. In April 2024, the fifth edition was held in Rimini.


Artificial intelligence is among the most popular buzzwords of recent years: everyone talks about it, few really know how to exploit its potential Meanwhile, the AI market continues to grow and, in 2023, increased by +52% in Italy, reaching a total value of 760 million euros (source: Digital4).

At the same time, however, getting in touch with the realities involved in implementing these technologies is increasingly difficult, as it is understanding the technologies themselves, which are evolving at the speed of light. AI Spiegata Semplice deals with precisely this: dispelling myths and making Artificial Intelligence accessible to all.

That’s why Pasquale and Giacinto created AI WEEK, the event that bridges the gap between those doing AI and companies that want to adopt the new technological tools but don’t know where to start. Ahead of its fifth edition, AI Spiegata Semplice has chosen Visio Digital Partners to amplify its voice and allow more people to connect with tech industry decision makers.


After the first meeting, we quickly realized that for an event on AI, we could not fail to test and exploit the very potential of AI and machine learning. We then mapped out the next steps together and identified the best strategy across different channels and platforms.

By coordinating with the AI Week team, we developed an advertising strategy that included testing steps allowing us to quickly identify the best performing graphics, formats, and copy. And from there, scale them up.

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What we achieved:


conversions vs. ed. 2023


conversions on Meta


CPA vs. ed. 2023


impressions generated

Our activities involved:

Tailoring advertising content to target audience and context

Online advertising content must necessarily take into account the interests of the target audience to be truly relevant and generate interest.

Advertising is not just background noise, and with AI Week we have shown that with the right content, created by the synergy of AI and human creativity, it is possible to reach a huge and more qualified audience.

Optimizing the advertising budget by channel

Digital advertising is the mouthpiece for all your activities. Each channel, however, has its own rules, which those who know can leverage to reach goals even earlier than planned, as in this case.

It is crucial to monitor the results, but above all to know how to interpret them to avoid waste, improve profits and amplify the scope of the return even on those activities that you did not think were influenced by advertising, but that will bring widespread benefits and value.


All you can AI!

The field of machine learning is extremely promising and is set to change the way we think about companies and their internal processes. In order to be able to anticipate the next developments in the field, we need to be able to stay ahead of the curve, and events like AI Week are promoters of shared knowledge and not relegated to a few gatekeepers.

Experiment to exceed expectations.

And to do it all over again: this is our philosophy and the approach we apply to our projects. No magic formula, just the pleasure of a strategy that brings concrete results. Only Visio Digital Partners.

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