The LeadX Pro case

Captivating with a rough ToV


LeadX Pro is a multi-vertical media buyer brand, which has been operating worldwide for about 10 years and is constantly expanding. The need to attract new valuable professionals prompted LeadX Pro to turn to Visio to study the identity that best suited the brand’s values and its target audience.

Services offered Brand identity Website dev

Logo design

The pictogram depicts a coat of arms with two dragons facing each other.
The bodies of the two dragons connect at the bottom which echoes the bottom of a coat of arms. In the center between the two heads is a rhombus that symbolizes the sharing of fire.

This pictogram represents the strength, collaboration and sharing between Leadxpro and affiliated media buyers.


What we did

The solution accepted by the partner follows the profile of a strong identity, characterized by an approach so realistic as to appear brazen and rough. This personality, obtained from the study of the target and from interviews with the customer, is expressed in all the documentation produced: Brand book, Company profile and Website.


The website, developed through WordPress CMS and optimized to maximize digital marketing strategies, reproduces the winning character of the brand.