The Blowhammer x Asus ROG case

When Fashion meets Gaming in a successful co-marketing operation

How to increase sales and improve brand awareness with strategic activities on different channels



Blowhammer is an Italian digital native streetwear brand with an innovative business model aimed at the pursuit of quality and sustainable production of its garments. ROG is the ASUS brand focused on developing the most advanced hardware and software solutions for gaming. Blowhammer and ROG are both companies that challenge traditional boundaries in their respective fields: fashion and gaming industry.

As a partner of Blowhammer, we joined the brand in implementing co-marketing operations for the capsule campaign created for the launch of Asus’ new ROG Phone 7. From our collaboration, we achieved an increase in the engagement of advertising content by reaching over 90 thousand interactions.

In addition, thanks to the results achieved, Blowhammer will have the opportunity to forge new collaborations with similar players.


ASUS ROG’s mission is to provide gaming enthusiasts with the tools they need to reach their potential and enjoy a premium gaming experience. The collaboration with Blowhammer is an extension of this mission: the clothing brand has always been inspired by technology and video games to create its artwork.

The challenge for us at Visio was to be able to enhance both brands and highlight the exclusivity of the products through targeted paid advertising campaigns and direct email marketing, with the aim of intercepting old and new customers through more engaging and high-level content.

There was thus a need for streamlined and optimised management of campaigns across different channels, so that the brands communicated not only with each other, but also in the consciences of potential customers.


The involvement of all stakeholders was critical to the success of the project. Our digital campaigns have reached more than 3.7 million people and generated more than 8.6 million impressions.

Considerable interaction with the ADV content created with generative AI was achieved, which generated more than 100 thousand interactions, driving an increase in traffic of more than 22 thousand visits to the collaboration section of the Blowhammer website, which also had other campaigns underway at the time.

AI is the way

What we achieved:

+3 mln


+60% average OR

DEM campaigns


ADV interactions

+60% CR

of product pages

+100% CTR

Of the ADVs generated with AI (compared to other brand campaigns)

+20% CTR

Of the ADVs generated with AI (compared to the same campaigns)

Our activities involved:

Design of digital advertising campaigns with support of Generative AI

We designed a launch campaign that incorporated both ASUS and Blowhammer’s products, emphasising the exclusivity and innovation of both.

To achieve this goal, we leveraged generative AI, not only to create visually appealing content, but also to maximise campaign effectiveness.
Personalised and highly targeted content helped ensure a high level of engagement.

Of the ADVs generated with AI (compared to other brand campaigns)

Direct Email Marketing Campaign Management

In a series of strategic steps, we informed customers of the arrival of the new device and the capsule dedicated to it via emails with a layout contextualised to the target audience. The communication was enriched with AI-generated content, user-generated content (UGC) and the input of content creators.

This combination of elements made possible the active engagement of recipients and the generation of a continuous flow of interactions, reaching +60% open rate on the first email.

Paid advertising campaigns

We designed, implemented and managed paid advertising campaigns, optimising them to achieve the highest possible ROI. The campaigns aimed to create expectation and desire in consumers, making the purchase of the device and clothing a natural association and choice.


Salvatore Sinigaglia
Salvatore Sinigaglia
CEO di Blowhammer

Qual era l'obiettivo dietro la collaborazione?
Come partner di Visio Digital Partner, noi di Blowhammer avevamo bisogno, in occasione di un'operazione di co-marketing con Asus,di supporto per il lancio di una campagna pubblicitaria che evidenziasse entrambi i brand. C’era quindi bisogno di una gestione ottimizzata e snella delle campagne su diversi canali, in modo che i brand comunicassero non solo tra loro, ma anche nelle coscienze dei potenziali clienti.

Cosa ti è piaciuto di più durante la tua collaborazione?
Grazie ad un'analisi di mercato, abbiamo delineato una strategia vincente con contenuti generati da AI, valorizzando entrambi i brand. I risultati eccezionali riflettono l'innovazione di Visio e la collaborazione fruttuosa con Asus, ottimizzando le vendite internazionali e riuscendo a sfruttare il valore culturale, sociale ed economico dei videogiochi in maniera positiva. Come partner di fiducia, continuiamo a collaborare con Visio per sviluppare nuove soluzioni innovative.


Making the most of co-marketing opportunities.

Managing collaboration between two brands is not easy, but cooperative marketing offers countless advantages that one must know how to leverage to allow brands to shine, sharing both investment and renewed market appeal.

Targeting gaming for unprecedented level up.

Targeting gaming for unprecedented level up. 69.7% of gamers prefer to use mobile devices to play games. Blowhammer has been able to intercept these customers, their tastes and preferences, and with the collaboration of Visio, has also optimised foreign sales, managing to leverage the cultural, social and economic value of video games in a positive way.

With AI, campaign results multiply.

Staying abreast of emerging technologies and using them to improve campaigns underscores Visio’s commitment and our continuous updating. Our innovative approach and readiness to adopt new technological solutions highlight our flair for innovation and ability to make the most of this potential.

Click here to discover the partnership of Blowhammer x Asus ROG.

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