The Whitelist Pro case

Giving a global twist to increase brand value

Repositioning the brand to open up to markets and reach new clients


Whitelist Pro is a media tech agency providing advanced solutions for online paid performance management. From a startup, it evolved rapidly and soon felt the need to adapt its image to a global and diverse market.

The agency grew and, at Visio Digital Partner, we helped it convey the progress that took place with a complete rebranding job.


​​In a world where global advertising expenditure is expected to reach 700 billion by 2024 (+ 4.7%, source: Dentsu), being able to position yourself in the minds of consumers is the real challenge. We helped Whitelist Pro reposition itself as a company that provides cutting-edge services for limitless advertising in a stratified market where adapting communication to context is key.

The biggest challenge was to progressively abandon the previously used identity, whose overly sensationalistic tone risked attracting only one type of clientele. In an attempt to expand globally, communication had to be layered and optimised, both in terms of messaging and visual identity.

Il precedente logo di WLP
Il nuovo logo che abbiamo riprogettato per WLP


Whitelist Pro is the safe harbour in a sea of advertising uncertainty. The new brand identity conveys the idea of a complex, high-end, high-tech service that simplifies the lives of media buyers and publishers through minimalist design and reassuring communication.

The professionalism is accentuated by simple, blunt shapes and the choice of neutral, yet full-bodied colours that convey confidence and breathe new life into a brand that is already building the future of digital performance.

At Visio, we became real collaborators, re-imagining the logo, visual identity, tone of voice, colour palette, font and corporate payoff. We also imagined all application cases of the new identity in a way that would convey the brand’s more international scope.

Data visualization e infografiche
Extract from the brand's identity manual

Rebranding the identity

We revisited the logo by using an impactful font and emphasising ‘pro’ as an exclusive distinguishing element. The choice of typography and colour palette was guided by the work done on the brand’s personality, now more centred on mediation, experience and openness to others.

Website design and management

We developed and implemented the new site in relation to the new graphic identity and UI/UX design principles. The site is therefore more consistent, easy and intuitive to use and has received excellent feedback, with an increase in traffic and user dwell time, resulting in a better user experience.

Design and realisation of offline materials for events

Guided by the new identity, we produced the new printed and promotional materials for use at international trade fairs and events.

Promotional backwall for exhibition stand
Staff's t-shirt


Nello Stabile
Nello Stabile
CEO di Whitelist Pro

Qual era l'obiettivo dietro la collaborazione?
Da Start-up a società in rapida espansione, noi di Whitelist, media tech agency, abbiamo avvertito la necessità di espanderci e adattare la nostra immagine a un mercato globale e variegato.

Cosa ti è piaciuto di più durante la tua collaborazione?
Per realizzare il processo di rebranding, abbiamo deciso di rivolgerci a Visio, che attraverso delle interviste, ha compreso la nuova identità in funzione del nostro target. Insieme, abbiamo ridefinito logo, identità visiva, tono di voce, palette colori, carattere e payoff aziendale.Il risultato è stato un brand ampiamente riconosciuto dal mercato, capace di adattarsi a un contesto mutevole, forte di una nuova identità che rispecchia l'idea che oggi vogliamo trasmettere al nostro target.


Rebranding as a valuable asset.

Every self-respecting brand strategy must include within it a margin for change linked to the evolution of the context in which the brand moves. A brand identity is not fixed and immutable, but can vary and adapt to market, cultural and social needs.

Staying relevant in a changing context.

To position oneself in an economic scenario that continues to evolve, it is therefore necessary to evolve with it. With strategic review and optimisation activities, you can continue to be relevant while remaining true to the essence of your company, which is exactly what we at Visio have achieved for Whitelist Pro.

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