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Madò Pasticceria is a laboratory founded in 2018 and specialized in the production of sweets and spreadable creams with “unavailable flavours” and, above all, delicious. A project that aims to make high-quality products accessible to everyone through a modern way of doing business.

Today, Madò Pastry has an established digital presence with two ecommerces: Madò Pastry, which specializes in B2C sales, and Madò Ho.Re.Ca. dedicated to B2B distribution.


Food & beverage is now worth more than 200 billion in Italy and continues to expand (Source: La Stampa on Italgrob data). Global uncertainties, rising prices along the supply chain, and increasing competitors put its investments at risk.

An area, therefore, of high complexity, difficult to penetrate and in which a good deal of stubbornness and creativity is required to establish a presence.

Madò Pastries chose to join Visio Digital Partners during a highly strategic period, such as Black Friday Cyber Monday and Christmas, to develop a solid and winning strategy.


The consulting journey was developed over a series of meetings in which we partnered with Madò Pastry’s team to improve the performance of its digital advertising campaigns and optimize its budget intelligently.

We dropped the consultancy inside the company to look at the context of the company and understand the ways in which products are handled and reach the consumer.

A project that had us by the throat

What we achieved:


Pastry Turnover on 2022


Ho.Re.Ca Turnover on 2022


Purchases from ADV


Of budgets and campaigns

Our activities involved:

Best practices for advertising content creation

Succeeding in the digital world is not just a matter of luck. Continuously updated best practices of platforms also play a key role. Creating content that follows the guidelines, without distorting the brand, is key to being recognizable and being remembered .

We talked with Madò Pastry about frameworks, testing phases, influencer marketing, collaborations, retention and retargeting strategies, but also shared valuable tips on how to tailor content to the target platform for an omnichannel approach.

Budget planning and optimization

Good budget planning allows you to cut costs, improve profits and increase your return on investment. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about promotional events and, together, outline an effective marketing strategy.

By constantly monitoring spending, we are able to strategically distribute the budget and allocate it for growth based on market and audience developments.


Madò Confectionery fights uncertainty in food & beverage

Inflationary cost trends throughout the supply chain necessitate a hybrid and strategic approach to selling products in the food & beverage sector. This was well understood by Madò Pasticceria, which, thanks to a brilliant intuition, was among the first to focus on digital ecommerce for the distribution of its high-quality products.

No ADV is an island

The ADV channel is one of the many channels on which one’s company’s presence is crucial to stand out. This channel, as well as the others, needs to be placed within a larger context, in which the consumer experience is no longer composed of separate islands from each other, but is a multisensory organism in which each channel plays its part.

Digitization of supply and advanced skills for the future

Adopting digital solutions and knowing how to scale them at the right time is the surest way to ensure your company’s steady and sustainable long-term growth.

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