The Prestitiamo case

Reaching the right target with tailor-made products

Generating trust with an omnichannel experience



Prestitiamo is the new forward-looking financial advisory company.

A partner of Credem Banca and Avvera, Prestitiamo is the OAM-accredited financial advisory company that simplifies the world of loans by providing highly customised solutions based on users’ needs.

In partnership with Visio, Prestitiamo has been able to improve the quality of its leads by 100%, reducing the CPL by 20% with intelligent solutions that are also useful in the long term.


Until the end of 2021, Prestitiamo’s business was conducted with the help of low-profitability contact databases, which were cold-called individually. Although the operation made it possible to reach a large number of people, the unsolicited contact generated negative feelings instead of satisfied customers.

The main goal of the partnership with Visio was therefore twofold: on the one hand to generate a high number of leads, and on the other hand to ensure their quality, so that they converted into genuinely interested customers. All while maintaining or reducing the cost per lead (CPL).

The enormous waste of time and energy was then redirected towards improving the digital presence and perfecting the profiling, made effective and controlled so that only qualified leads were contacted in a satisfying omnichannel experience.


Analysis and benchmarking determined the main activities and enabled the generation of a shared strategy based on contact acquisition and the need to invest more in digital presence.

Advertising for the future of banking

What we achieved:


Lead to Customer Rate


Cost per Lead

System integrator

with leaner pipeline management

Our activities involved:

Creating and managing the entire acquisition funnel with targeted paid advertising campaigns

Increasing Lead to Customer Rate (LCR) by 100% has improved Prestitiamo’s ability to intercept people who are more likely to become customers.

At the same time, the Cost per Lead (CPL) was lowered by more than 20%, demonstrating an increase in the efficiency of informational advertising campaigns.

Design and implementation of landing pages with registration forms

We have created several contact forms, available directly on social or landing pages.

These forms present a series of questions that serve to qualify the lead on a scoring system that allows the operator to understand, even before making the phone call, both the lead’s actual interest and eligibility.

Advanced integration with the customer’s CRM

Whereas in the past leads were manually entered into Excel files, today we have built an advanced API integration for Prestitiamo to automatically import leads into the company’s CRM, streamlining and optimising the management of the entire pipeline.


Digital transformation has positively affected the entire banking sector.

In recent years, digital has come increasingly to the fore, with services and businesses undertaking digital transformation processes to computerise their offerings.

Digital is here to stay.

87% of people said they would continue to use online financial services (source: Digital4). Digital ones are now preferred channels for gaining access to personalised services. It is therefore necessary to develop innovative services that respond to users’ interests and real needs.

Profile to satisfy.

Understanding users’ behaviour is only the first step in gaining their trust over the long term. Segmenting and profiling users with interesting content reduces negative feelings and unsolicited contacts that could drive potential customers away forever. To contemporary complexity, Visio responds with advanced integration between CRM and humans to stimulate confidence, trust, and increase the value of acquired leads by 100%.

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