The FaceTraining® Case

How to scale eCommerce and increase ROI

The first innovative startup for facial rejuvenation



Founded by Veronica Rocca, FaceTraining is the first innovative startup in Italy to offer training paths for facial muscles and fight the appearance of wrinkles at all ages.

Thanks to the strategic support of our team at Visio, we have turned around the fortunes of the project, which had plunged into a period of severe stagnation due to mismanagement. We have strengthened the brand reputation and today we achieved an average growth of +20% month on month.


Until early 2022, FaceTraining’s growth was driven by organically generated traffic and repeated lockdowns. Spending more time at home, people began to look for new ways to take care of themselves, but the gradual exit from lockdown posed a threat to the brand.

In June 2022, FaceTraining launched its platform via a third-party app where it delivers facial work-outs in the form of video lessons to its customers. The app is functional and offers the ability to train anywhere, but it has structural limitations. Meanwhile, workout programs are sold on the website, which also launched shortly before.

This strategy —followed before turning to Visio—, distorted the personal brand, resorting to a communication and colour palette far removed from Veronica’s identity and target audience. The eCommerce choices complicated the customer journey and slowed the acquisition of new leads. Soon, several KPIs (key performance indicators) began giving warning signals.

There is therefore a need to work on strengthening digital branding and, in parallel, optimizing the entire eCommerce structure to increase CR (conversion rate) and ROI (return on investment).


Taking into account market conditions, we conducted a structured and in-depth analysis of the state of the art of FaceTraining. Through a series of kick-off meetings, together with our partners we outlined the strategic marketing plan and all the steps to follow.

From personal business to case study

What we achieved:


growth on a monthly basis


revenue generated from paid adv


total impressions


average position in Google search results


newsletter database growth since September 2022

Increased CR

and decreased bottlenecks

Our activities involved:

Managing paid adv and performance marketing campaigns

We created a growth loop with investments in advertising campaigns that impacted 80% of total revenue. Our team of designers and creatives designed and implemented the campaigns, optimising them in relation to achieving the goals dictated by the marketing plan and target audience sentiment.

Email marketing automation management

Aiming to generate a greater sense of closeness and strengthen the brand experience, we implemented 50+ automation flows to follow users at different stages of the buyer’s journey: from leads to converted customers and beyond, while continuing to incentivize retention.

Advanced integration among tools

We built a complex integration system among different tools, for example, linking the training platform where the courses are delivered to the eCommerce and the database of contacts, followed in their daily training path thanks to marketing automation flows.

Management and expansion of the eShop

We rebuilt the product ecosystem into a more streamlined and accessible version. We then expanded the catalogue offerings, uploading and managing new specific and vertical courses on identified customer needs with dedicated paid advertising campaigns.

All these activities, combined with Veronica’s social presence, have also helped strengthen brand perception, allowing FaceTraining to sign partnerships with brands like LVMH, Collistar, Virgin Active, as well as becoming the first innovative startup for facial rejuvenation.


Pandemic has reshaped consumer habits.

At the height of the lockdown, we witnessed an increase in searches for “facial gymnastics” (+200%, source: Google), a signal that should be interpreted on the one hand as a search for alternative methods to more invasive practices-such as cosmetic surgery-and on the other hand as a growing need to regain well-being within the home at a time of uncertainty.

Driving the recovery are streamlined and competitive services.

The resulting increase in demand for more cross-cutting digital services has made eCommerce management an indispensable element of any omnichannel sales journey. As the FaceTraining case demonstrated, proper management of the eCommerce ecosystem enables results even in the short term.

Keeping an eye on the wellness index.

Like the lipstick index, today it is primarily the need for a new balance between daily life and wellness that is driving the evolution of purchasing behaviour. The strategies to be used for eCommerce and digital products will have to take this into account to ensure business success, and at Visio Digital Partners we are already well aware of this.

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